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Jests of Decay by NamikazeH4
Jests of Decay
        These were our children who died for our lands: they were dear in our sight.
        We have only the memory left of their home-treasured sayings and laughter.
        The price of our loss shall be paid to our hands, not another’s hereafter.</i>

-- The Children, Rudyard Kipling.

Golden rod | Myrtle | Columbine (red + purple) | Dogwood | Rose (yellow)

Zinnia | Sweet pea | Dead leaves

ADOPTABLE - Regalia 1 [OPEN] by NamikazeH4
ADOPTABLE - Regalia 1 [OPEN]
I've been itching to draw impractical but pretty dress+armor combo so here I go

Terms and Agreements
SB: $35
MI: $5
AB: $150
ENDS: 15 January 2015


If you Autobid you will also get either a character reference sheet consisting of 1) a back view, 2) a side view, and 3) several passing details of her design, OR a custom art of the character drawn in watercolours (detailed waist up OR less detailed full body).
Coco by NamikazeH4
Trying to get used to actually using my Langton paper. Cos it's not gonna be easy improving on it when I don't -use- it...
I cut it up into four and used both sides |D;

Coco Sullivan from ARAGO.
Watercolour and white gel pen.
CR GREAT WAR: Stage I by NamikazeH4
Name: Mono
Canvas: Reptile

CR itu pinter banget milih War pas lagi banyak deadline
/rebahan sambil minum air gara-gara pusing/

more shitty bg ahahah don't mind me
Coalsack by NamikazeH4
Watercolour chibi
$6 | 480 points

> Full body
> Watercolour
> Can be customised for keychains (printing + shipping not included)

Additional character + $4
Detailed background + $3
Up to 4 characters per slot


Fleleshell - Cormac by NamikazeH4
FLELE shell
Basic pack : Chibi + Blinking animation (3 frames) + Mouth animation (6 combinations) + Misc notes (4 frames, doesn't have to be musical notes)
$15 | 1200 points

Add outfit : + $3 | 240 points (Applies only to full outfit change)
Extra animation (3-5 frames): + $3 | 240 points
Add misc. item and accessories : + $2 | 160 points (Includes singular clothing articles)

I work only within the limitations of the flele itself. This means:
> No animation within an optional clothing item.
> The overall shape of the shell has to be maintained. (ie. I cannot animate the character as playing the piano if it meant that the shape/silhouette of the flele changes)

THE CHIBI STYLE MIGHT MORE CLOSELY RESEMBLE THE FIRST CHIBI. This particular flele shell is fairly old.




Chubby Chibi commissions NEW OFFER + Signal BoostSTATUS : OPEN
Commissioner list :
I moved to Sweden with my boyfriend last March and am currently stuck in Swedish-learning school, which means I can't really look for a job in the meantime.
That said, while I enjoy living with my family-in-law and they are pretty nice to me, I would like to be a bit independent economically.
Also, my tablet happens to show signs of oldness... How many of you know the good old Wacom CTE-430 Sapphire? Yes, it's a dinosaur. But for now, it works.
So here you have the reasons for me starting taking up commissions.
If you are interested, send me a NOTE.
Also, while my main offer is for chibis, if you would like me to try out something else, feel free to ask, I won't bite.
Thank you for your consideration. :thanks:
~ Kowai
PS: While I was supposed to take payments in Swedish Crowns (SEK) at first, it happens Paypal is not so comprehensive and doesn't let me link both my French bank account and my Swedish one... So much for the SE
Commissions Temporarily Closed!EDIT 9/25/2014: I can't can't can't thank people enough! A friend offered me a second hand tablet for a good price (Still in very good working condition). I was able to pay off the full amount, thanks to the few of you who helped me.
For now, I'm temporarily closing my commissions so I can practice my hand on the tablet again. Hopefully I'll be able to open commissions soon, with more choices!
Thanks for checking out my commissions page. After some consideration from people, I've made an update to lower my prices for the time being. This is PayPal only though, no points for now. I'm still trying to earn for a new tablet so, help me out a bit?
What I Will Accept:
* Humans/Humanoids (Nekomimi, Merman, anything that is at least 60% human in appearance)
* Male/Female
* Original Characters/Existing Characters
What I Will Not Accept:
* Full-on Furries (Not to be confused with Humanoids)/MLP
* Mature/Pornographic in nature
* Mecha
* Cluttered
  • Listening to: Crashcourse
  • Reading: Les Miserables - Victor Hugo



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